As the threats of plastic bags are being disputed, the demand on non-woven bags are getting higher because of its durable and recyclable structure. Because of global warming, which is an important and growing threat for our planet; our responsibility to the environment gets higher. Our company's priority is to protect the environment by making environment-friendly products, live with our nature in harmony and appreciate the gifts of our nature.           

Non-woven bags are efficient in advertisement, because they are both environmentally friendly and durable. Durable non-woven bags makes your company's advertisement perminent. These bags are antibacterial, 100 percent recyclable and can be washed and used over and over, which makes them the best choice. Bogazici Packing is proud of being entered this sector of non-woven bags years ago.

These non-cancerogenic and water-proof non-woven bags are becoming worldwide, especially in environmentally-conscious countries. And we believe that we are fulfilling our responsibility for our world by producing environment friendly bags, and we are inviting you to cooperate!








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